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Emergency Lighting System (Candle Box)

This was designed as a decorative item but may also serve as a source of light for those times when you are suddenly without electricity. The candle box contains four candles, a book of matches and a candleholder. When the need arises, the Emergency Lighting System quickly enables you to obtain a source of light. You simply remove the top of the box, turn it over, and insert a candle from the box into the holder. The candle is then lighted using the book of matches stored in the box.
Cat. No. Length Width Height Price Purchase
CB22 6" 4" 2 1/4" $44.00
Our Containers are entirely handcrafted. The tops and bottoms are secured with small wooden pegs and the sides are made of a single piece of cherry that has been steamed, shaped, and secured with copper tacks. The warm-looking aged finish on each box is the result of applying at least two coats of hand-rubbed lacquer which is then followed by a buffed finishing wax.

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